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Bruce Lord.
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Plaunt Pal
Plaunt Pal

Joined: 17 Mar 2007
Posts: 34
Location: Fort Wayne, IN

PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 8:22 pm    Post subject: Full Circle...Bruce Lord of Lake Mary Forest. Reply with quote

Bruce: It's so nice of you to join your very own subject matter. Good Day to you friend. We didn't make it to Bois Blanc this last time in June. I intend to camp at McCrae Bay eventually. You've a waay better flop than I. We went to Pictured Rocks instead. We compromised our tavel distance due to gas prices and well, you know. We had intended to go to Porcupine Mountains but I threw my back out the second day of vacation and frankly we were not up to all the hiking that the Porkies would require. I had actually contemplated going up into Minnesota but the oil barons got the best of all us working class.
Also the mosquitoes and biting flies thought my wife a delicacy up there. One time near Deer Park, I got the truck stuck in the sand. When I had her get out and help push. The flies grubbed on her so bad, it looked like she was wearing like wool socks on the bare parts of her legs out of her capri pants. We got the truck out and we got her cleared off. Only like four flies bit me which shows you, who's sweeter. I've heard instances where people have killed themselves being attacked by black flies. I'm so glad I'm not "black fly bait" anymore on the website. Bois Blancers just inhale black flies up their noses and then swallow them whole. Yummy! My sister did not go up this year because she's sick of the bugs.
If you've ever read Lon Emerick's book: "You Wouldn't Like It Up Here", a comical satire of the UP. He says mosquitoes in the UP get so big, he once saw one propose to a turkey. I remember getting home and having the first Indiana mosquito land on my arm. I could only laugh at it's dinkiness. I also remember having the first African varitey, UP mosquito land on me. I just shooed it thinking that it's giganticity would havs drove it sucker into my bone. I learned later to just swat them harder. Always take a full can of OFF into these UP woods maybe two.
Al's Sister: I thought the "ROCK" referred to a large rock formation on the island that I had to see. However you are right the island is a "ROCK" or rather a buch of rocks geologically and hydrologically formed by the currents of the Straits of Mackinac. I can realize that one or more escarpments of rock are probably unlikely on Bois Blanc given the fact that it's a current reef. A long time ago, we nicknamed BBI, "Cuba", because it's so long.
TheIslandGirl: So much for myself, shoving off this subject. Al's sister hooked me back with the "ROCK" talk. I've seen these subjects, last weeks on this sight and stray waaay off line. I should like to know of your progress. You may email me or send me a PM. You're on this site almost daily and I need an epal anyway. I have the unerring desire to write alot.
It seems too bad to have over 800 members on this site and like only 20-30 or so abuse our priviledges regular.
Yes, my wife and I do have impending physical problems with ourselves but we just did a 10 mile day hike on Pictured Rocks to tell you how debilitating, we think they are. Phooey on ailments and disorders.
Know that also I have a Wyoming born cousin who just won a bout with cancer last year. That makes three cousins of mine and my mother who've beaten the dreaded and my grandma and a cousin have lost since I've been alive.
Love this site! Thanks, Rob for being so computer savvy.
We've been through, the White Woods. God willing, we'll go through it again.
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Resident Royalty
Resident Royalty

Joined: 04 Jan 2003
Posts: 1685
Location: Texas

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:09 am    Post subject: Hi ! Reply with quote

Glad to have you back !!

you have put some spark back into this site . ..
thanks !

it sounds like you and your wife really done will on that hike !! you two are still moving ..thats the key !!

you know if more of the "old timers" would speak up and share their memories when they peek in it would be so much fun !!

Maybe they will someday !!

I will never give up hoping anyway

Glad your mom and cousin beat "the cancer" its a terrible thing !

I just lost a good friend to colon cancer this last Feb. ...... I miss her so
The girl that would swim daylight to dark every day down at the old dock ...
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