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For Mike White/Others: Culvers vs Bibles-Some Family History

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:42 pm    Post subject: For Mike White/Others: Culvers vs Bibles-Some Family History Reply with quote

OK! Just got home from work....time to type!

The parents: Raymond and Emily Culver.
Kids in Order: Raymond, Wilfred, Madeline (Grams), Mary, Tom and Mark. There was also a baby that had passed away that is burried on the lake front in "front of a big pine tree in a box" according to Gramma. This baby was born before Mary.

Mary passed away when her appendix burst. By the time they got her to medical help, it was too late. This was in the winter time. Emily died of a respiratory illness when my Gramma was 8 or 9. She was then left to take care of all of the kids while her dad was away. Raymond Sr. was a farmer and a logger. He travelled around alot. Tom died of cancer just a few years ago. Wilfred is very sick down in Florida now. I am not too familiar of Mark or Raymond Jr but I know they have since passed on.

Shortly after my Great-Grandma died, my G-Grandpa walked into the kitchen and saw am image in a frying pan-a face. This was was my G-Grandma. He ordered the kids never to touch it and they brought it around town and Island to Island. Not as a circus act and not to get money but for it to be known. Now...John Bible come into the story. When my G-Gpa showed this to Bible, he took a piece of a stick and scratched it right down the middle. My G-Gpa got madder than hades and threw him out of the house. It was then placed into a wooden box with a glass lid. We do not know where this pan is now. Either Mark or Raymond Jr's kids have it and will not let us know or contact us back. I am really wanting to see it. There is a picture of it somewhere....no one knows were.

Whenever the family needed help, they had to signal Mackinac Island Coast Guard. To do this, they would either place a lamp in the window or make a bonfire on the beach. They would come right over and see what they needed.

John Bible liked to burn things....and he would use my G-Gpa's gas to do so! He'd come over, ask for about 3-5 gallons of gas, and the next day, something of the Culver's would be burned. It started off with killing their black dog. But....he wasn't burned. While the family was away on the boat, he burned the boat dock down. And again while the family was away, he burned the HOUSE down and also the shed. John Bible was a sneaky son of a gun.

Ray Plott told my Grandma this just a few weeks ago about Bible: When they were building the Mackinac Bridge, they would lose pieces of metal and Ray would stack it up on the beach. When the workers wanted it back, Ray would have them pay him for it for watching it. John Bible came over and told Ray that is all my metal now get away. Ray got upset and said he collected each and every piece of it....when the workers came over on a boat to get their metal for the bridge, Bible climbed in and said I collected the metal and watched it, nwo I want paid to help put it together. They literally THREW him off the boat and this was not the first time he was thrown off or out of anything like that!

John Bible also destroyed the chicken coops, so they lost their means of food that way. He would also steal the eggs some mornings. Now, Bible was not a kid--he was an adult doing all of these awful things!

In the winter time, once the lake was totally frozen over, Grams and the fam would walk straight to the other Islands if they needed any supplies. Grandma hated doing that since she had never learned to swim...and still doesn't. Her fear was the ice breaking and her drowning. She used to work on the big tug boats too...like the ones you all see on the lake now. She was a tough cookie!!

Any other stories I may have...will come to mind here shortly. Any other things you want to know or add...let me know!

Very Happy Very Happy
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