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Had a nice visit to the Island

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Dan Reynolds
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Joined: 13 May 2002
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2002 2:42 pm    Post subject: Had a nice visit to the Island Reply with quote

Well, it was short, but at least I was able to set foot on Bob-Lo again for a little while. My wife and I were there from Saturday through Monday morning. We were happy to find that our place was relatively untouched. Someone had been using the log outhouse my Dad built years ago - they even left us some toilet paper! Wink

I was surprised at how nearly all of the roads back to our area (between Thompson and Mary) were flooded out. It's been so dry downstate, I expected the island to be much the same. But it looked like there had been significant rainfall and possibly some heavy storms, judging by the number of broken treetops near our site. There are four roads leading back to our area and they were all nearly impassable due to flooding (plus one had been gated off because, unbeknownst to me, it crossed private property... Confused ). I was able to get through the washed-out trail the first time, then we resorted to using the little trail Dad and I cut across the "high ground". I had to chain-saw a few fallen trees, but we made it. The Goeschels, who have a nice place near the Fire Tower Road intersection, also own property back there and weren't so lucky when they tried to traverse the flooded trail. We came through just as they were getting towed out of the mud - ouch. I don't know if they'll be able to get back to their place until things dry out.

My wife had kind of avoided the island for awhile because, back in the early '90s, someone bought the 10 acre parcel next to ours and began bringing in loads of junk. Old batteries, ATV parts, etc. They even ran a phone line (illegally, I presume) right across our property. They built a 28x40' log cabin, running their generator all day and keeping the radio blaring. For years, we'd been all alone back there... Then, all of a sudden, it was like being at a KOA. Finally the "new neighbors" stopped coming, but their cabin fell quickly into disrepair. I was always careful to respect their property, but couldn't help noticing all the junk still lying around. It went up for sale in 2000 and (presumably) was sold, and the new owner(s) have cleaned it up quite a bit. We didn't see them, but it looked like they had most of the junk removed - including a wrecked 1966 Mercury station wagon that had been sitting right near the edge of our property since the early 1970s. What an improvement! Thank you, whoever you are!

I hope it's a sign of better times for the island. I want it to be a place that the family and I can still come to and enjoy, like I used to when I was a little kid. I'm hoping to be back up there within a month or two.

Dan Reynolds
N. of Thompson Lake
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Site Admin
Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2002 7:41 pm    Post subject: re:Had a nice visit to the Island Reply with quote

Hi Dan,

Glad you made it to your place with out getting stuck. I can't imagine the tow bill your neigbor got...ouch is right! That thought's often crossed my mind as I'm headed into the puddle with my little truck. It's nice to hear you have new neighbors that are more on the ball. I've met a few of my neighbors and they all seem like decent folk. Very Happy

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